The President 2017 - 2018

Mrs Maggie Dellard (Horsham IBC)


Ladies of SCWIBA

I feel extremely honoured to be your President for 2017-2018 and my special thanks to Horsham District IBC for supporting my nomination.

My first game of bowls (aged 17) was played in the moat of the Tower of London when my father became a Yeoman Warder following retirement from the army. We youngsters living in the Tower had one season of bowls before the green was restricted to 'Beefeaters' only. I did not bowls again until 2000 - for the Civil Service - in Bath and then Chiswick, London. On moving to Southend-n-Sea in 2007, I started playing indoor bowls and when Keith and I moved to Sussex we joined Horsham District IBC in January 2012.

During the season I hope to meet many new faces but please bear with me as I feel I suffer from prosopagnosia.

May I wish you all good health, an enjoyable season and a happy 25th Anniversary.


Maggie Dellard
Horsham District IBC
President SCWIBA 2017-2018