County Competitions Winners 2016/17

Congratulations to all the winners on becoming County Champions

County Patrons Badged Singles Winner

Emma Cooper


County Patrons Badged Singles Finalist

Denise Latter (Arun)

County Patrons Unbadged Singles Winner

Alice Phillimore
(Egerton Park)

County Patrons Unbadged Singles Finalist

Roma Dalby (Egerton Park)

County Patrons Pairs Winners

Sandra Godfrey and Lorraine Kuhler


County Patrons Pairs Finalists

Emma Cooper and Jenny Goodman (Adur)

County Patrons Badged Triples Winners

Trish Fry (Sub), Maureen Willard and Lorraine Kuhler

County Patrons Badged Triples Finalists

Chris Hobbs, Wendy Adams and Betty Spicer (Arun)

County Patrons Unbadged Triples Winners

Barbara Hanka, Ann Steward and Pam Barton


County Patrons Unbadged Triples Finalists

Pat Pryke, Sandra Willis and Penny Spillane (Egerton Park)

County Patrons Fours Winners

Maureen Bonney, Eileen Fitch, June Taffurelli and Denise Latter


County Patrons Fours Finalists

Jean Noble, Doreen Hough, Marjorie Hendle and Jan Pilcher (Egerton Park)